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The Issues

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Mike is dedicated to working on your behalf for…

  • Pro-Life Conservative Policies – Having delivered over 2,000 babies, I have not ever performed an abortion and never will.  In the same respect I do not believe in Euthanasia as practiced by European/Canadian rationing of healthcare.
  • Less Taxes and reducing the size of Government
  • Strong Education – Life-long dedication to education, B.S. degree and two graduate degrees in medicine and forensic science (Summa Cum Laude) and an adjunct-professor at NSU-Broken Arrow and OSU-COM. My wife and daughter-in-law are teachers, the education system is very important to me.
  • Support of our Constitutional Republic
  • Stopping Illegal Immigration – I’m a supporter of H.B. 1804 and an opponent of illegal immigration.
  • Strong Support of Law Enforcement – I am married to an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman’s daughter and our son is also an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman. I have strong ties with the state and local law enforcement agencies.
  • Fire Department Protection – I was the first Broken Arrow Police Physician, State of Oklahoma Medical Examiner. My wife is a nurse (RN, BSN, MSN) and I helped develop the first EMT/Paramedic program for the City of Broken Arrow.
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Support of the Free Enterprise System – As a business owner in Broken Arrow for 40 years, it’s vitally important to me that private businesses are allowed to grow and flourish with minimal government intervention.
  • Pro-Business  Workman’s Comp reform, repeal State Corporate Franchise Tax, eliminate State tax on retirement income and on Capital gains and support legislation to deduct healthcare premiums.
  • Economic Development and Jobs
  • Better Roads, Streets and Bridges
  • Tort Reform
  • Reducing Energy Costs by expanding energy alternatives
  • Working against Corporate Welfare
  • Improving Correctional Facilities

Seven Point Plan for Dr. Mike Ritze
Pro-Business, Pro-Life, Pro-Education Candidate for OK State House of Representatives District 80

Lawsuit Reform:

  • Enact certain medical liability reforms.
  • Enact broad-based product liability reform including the FDA defense for pharmaceuticals.

Workman’s Compensation Reform:

  • Explore and support all possibilities to lower the cost of workers’ compensation on Oklahoma Employers.
  • Support legislation that clarifies exclusive remedy and protects medical providers from district court actions for opinions rendered under workers’ compensation laws.
  • Ensure workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy for any job-related injury or illness.

Taxation Reform:

  • Work for repeal of the state’s corporate Franchise Tax.
  • Oppose any expansion of the sales tax to include services and labor.
  • Continue to seek legislation that eliminates or reduces the state’s income tax on retirement income and the tax on capital gains.

Transportation Infrastructure Reform:

  • Advocate reallocation of motor vehicle license fees now going into the general revenue fund (approximately $260 million) to transportation needs.
  • Ensure that 100 percent of fuel tax revenues are dedicated to transportation (excluding tribal compacts).

Research and Technology Reform:

  • Develop incentives, such as income tax exemptions or tuition refunds, for college graduates who go to work in Oklahoma after graduation.
  • Develop incentives for companies to utilize Oklahoma interns, because interns often become permanent employees and stay in the state.

Rural Economic Development Reform:

  • Support legislation that encourages the development of infrastructure in rural areas to include both traditional infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and technical infrastructure to assist with e-commerce efforts.
  • Support incentives that better promote the creation and expansion of business and jobs in rural areas.

Healthcare Reform:

  • Author of HJR1054 Freedom of Healthcare Choice Act…allowing OK Citizens to Opt-Out of ObamaCare
  • Eliminate medical related liability on any employer who provides coverage to employees.
  • Support legislation requiring cost/benefit analysis prior to imposing any new mandates.
  • Support legislation to allow for the tax deductibility for all out-of-pocket health care related expenses, including premiums, deductibles and co-pays.
  • Tort Reform.