Proven Conservative Leader

Meet Mike Ritze

Family Physician & Surgeon
Pro-Life Conservative

Mike Ritze, D.O., M.F.S.A. is a life-long Republican and 40-year resident of Broken Arrow. A past Chairman of the Tulsa County Republican Party and Precinct 405 Chairman, Mike is ready to use his experience to fight for Conservative policies in the Oklahoma House.

Mike will work tirelessly to preserve the sanctity of life and for pro-family, pro-business issues, less taxes, less government, strong education and better streets and highways.

Mike Ritze has been officially endorsed by the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly (PDF).

“Dr. Mike Ritze is a constitutional conservative who stands on principle even in the face of immense pressure.  He has my endorsement because of his integrity, high intellect, focus on issues, and dedication to constituents.” U.S. Congressman Jim Bridenstine

 “Dr. Mike Ritze has delivered over 2,000 newborns as a licensed practicing Physician & Surgeon.  His commitment to life issues remains unwavering both for the unborn and for the senior citizens population within our State.”  Attorney General Scott Pruitt

 “Dr. Mike Ritze’s success in medicine and business highlight his excellent qualifications to serve in the Oklahoma legislature.  We need more highly capable professionals like Mike at the Capitol to work on much needed reforms to make Oklahoma a better place to live, work and retire.”  Senator Mike Mazzei

 “Dr. Mike Ritze has been a friend and active supporter of mine for over 30 years.  He is not only a successful professional and talented civic leader, he has been a voice for conservative values.  I wish him every success as he deserves to be elected and will be of great value to the OK State House of Representatives in District 80.”  Former Governor Frank Keating

“The Officers and Members of the Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma are proud to extend our full support and endorsement of your candidacy in your reelection campaign for House District 80.” Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma

 “Dr. Ritze is one of the finest persons I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for three decades in Broken Arrow.  His moral integrity and honesty is most admired by me and my family.  He will be Pro-Business and make a great State Representative for District 80.” The Late Danny Hillenburg, President of Hillenburg Oil and Pipe Company

 “Dr. Mike Ritze is truly a great patriotic Oklahoman and American who will be a strong conservative voice for businesses in Oklahoma.”  Lloyd Noble II, Businessman

“On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, the Broken Arrow Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 170 approved a motion to endorse Mike Ritze for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 80.”  Thomas Cooper, President


“Dr. Mike Ritze has had a successful career in medicine and business which highlight his excellent qualifications to serving in the OK Legislature.  We need to re-elect Mike as a highly capable professional to House District 80.  He will continue to work to make Oklahoma a better place to live, work and retire.”  Senator Nathan Dahm

 “Your record and history of service to the Republican Party is a matter of historical fact, your interest, attentiveness, and vigilance in regard to public policy is rarely matched, your concern for the direction of our country, our state, our community has compelled your past involvement and now compels your run for office.”  State Representative John Wright

 “Dr. Ritze is a fiscal conservative who understands that lowering the tax burden and reducing the size of government are key to the economic prosperity of Oklahoma families.  Ronald Reagan said it best, “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”  Ken Yazel, Tulsa County Assessor

 “I am happy to say that a solid Republican Dr. Mike Ritze, a successful Broken Arrow Physician & Surgeon has filed for House District 80.  Mike has been an active Republican for years who has supported many candidates in the past.  Mike will be a strong candidate and if elected will represent District 80 well.  As a resident of Dist. 80 myself I will support Mike wholeheartedly.” Fred Perry, Tulsa County Commissioner

 “Dr. Mike Ritze and I have been well acquainted for two decades.  He is a true conservative who served as a mentor to me during the time when I gained much appreciation for our Constitution and the eternal principles upon which our country was founded.  Little did I know then, those same principles would serve as guideposts during my service in the State Legislature.  My trust in the judgment of Dr. Ritze is complete, as he is also my personal physician, and on at least one occasion his timely diagnosis and insistence on treatment spared my life.  He is trustworthy and true.”  Hopper Smith, Former OK State Representative District  67

 “Dr. Mike Ritze understands that runaway government must be halted for the good of the taxpaying citizens of District 80.”  Senator Randy Brogdon

 “Dr. Ritze understands clearly that a healthy community is a well educated community.  He has been a helpful resource for me regarding higher education issues.  I support my Republican friend.” Senator Brian Crain

 “Oklahoma needs more Conservative Representatives like Dr. Mike Ritze.  Dr. Ritze will be a leader in the fight for smaller government.”  State Representative Jason W. Murphey District 31

 “Oklahomans deserve good high paying jobs.  Please help Dr. Mike Ritze in his quest to pass tort reform and fix our broken workers comp system.  He can do it!”  Dan Keating, CEO

 “Dr. Mike Ritze is a strong supporter of Law Enforcement as a Criminal Justice and OK Sheriff’s Association Professor.” Joe Lester, Sheriff of Cleveland County, retired Tulsa PD and Chief of OU PD

 “The voters in House District 80 have the unique opportunity to send Dr. J. Michael Ritze to represent them.  Dr. Ritze’s educational background is impressive and diversified.  What a splendid resource he will be District 80 and the Oklahoma House of Representatives!  I have known Dr. Ritze for over 30 years and I admire his energy, tenacity, honesty and intelligence.”  Sally Howe Smith, Tulsa County Court Clerk

 “Dr. Mike Ritze has been my political mentor who encouraged me to get involved in the Tulsa County Republican Party, become a precinct chairman and work for many candidates.  Dr. Ritze will be an excellent Oklahoma State Representative for District 80.” Harry Rockefeller fellow Southern Baptist Deacon and Precinct 467 Chairman

 “Dr. Mike Ritze has been our family doctor for many years.  He is a dedicated, caring, Christian Physician.”  Sue Keech, Mother, Teacher and Housewife

 “Mike is a well-respected leader in our community and church with uncompromising traditional Christian family values.” Johnnie Rockefeller, Teacher and Housewife

 “I have known Dr. Mike Ritze for over thirty years and found him to be a man of high moral character, strong conservative values and impeccable honesty.”  The Late Everett Dunlap, M.D. General Surgeon

 “Dr. Mike Ritze will help us in reducing the size of government and regulations in all areas of our lives which is paramount.  I support him fully in this effort as our next OK State Republican Representative for District 80.”  Robert Underwood, Precinct 409 Chairman

 “Dr. Mike is the definition of a God fearing conservative with a heart to serve.  He has dedicated his life to serving others.  Oklahoma and District 80 could not find a better person to represent us and prepare the way for our children.”  James Dunn, Republican National Committeeman 

“I am pleased to endorse Dr. Mike Ritze for Oklahoma State Representative, House District 80. I have known Mike for over 15 years. He is a man of personal integrity who is pro-life, pro-marriage and a fiscal conservative. He brings 8 years of experience tirelessly representing his constituents with steadfast devotion to conservative principles.”  Marian Corcoran, Wagoner County Republican Party Chairwoman

 “It is a pleasure to know Dr. Ritze for more than a decade.  His service will be defined by tenacity, integrity, and Christian conservative values.  His words are not just words, but action.  His actions have defined his character, beliefs and how he lives.  What he espouses to believe in and pledges to do, he will do.  Count on it!”  The Late R. Jeffrey Belinski, M.D.

 “I have known Dr. Ritze for 35 years.  He is very energetic and knowledgeable about the needs of his district, state and nation.  He would be a great asset for us, the people.”  Stan Grogg, D.O., Professor of Pediatrics OSU-CHS

 “Having known Dr. Mike Ritze for 30 years I have observed his staunch support of Law Enforcement.  He will be a tremendous asset for District 80.”  Dennis Dutsch, Retired OK Highway Patrol 

 “I have known Dr. Mike Ritze as my friend and personal phyisican for 33 years.  He truly has a servant’s heart and is dedicated to his God, family and country.  Many times in the past he has volunteered to help our community to be a better and safer place to live.  It is without reservation I recommend him to become our next State Rep. from District 80.”  Rick Ross, Deputy Chief of Broken Arrow Police Department (Ret.)

 “I have worked with Dr. Ritze for over three years and have found him to be one of the most honest and fair employers I have known.  I have come to know him to be a man who is true to his faith and trusts God to lead him in his medical practice as well as his personal life.  He is a true conservative and I know he will give prayerful consideration to all questions put before in the OK House of Representatives.”  Nancy Isbell, Medical Office Business Manager

 “As a a state organizer for Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign I am writing you today in support of Dr. J. Michael Ritze Republican candidate for the OK State House of Representatives District 80.  I am confident that Dr. Ritze will represent our community with the values of Faith, Family and Freedom.”  Mike Ford, Precinct 406 Chairman

 “I have known Dr. Mike Ritze personally and professionally for many years.  I have been involved in local, state and national politics for many years and can can think of no one that can better serve the conservative ideals of our state and nation than Dr. Mike Ritze.  I have encouraged him for years to “run for office” and now heartily support him for State Representative, District 80.”  James R. Higgins, M.D., Cardiologist

“Dr. Mike Ritze has been a member of Arrow Heights Baptist Church for 25 years. He is a dedicated servant as a deacon and Bible teacher. Mike is very committed and well grounded in his faith.” Andy Taylor, Senior Pastor Arrow Heights Baptist Church

“Dr. Mike Ritze has served as a deacon and Bible teacher during the 25 years in which he has been a member of Arrow Heights Baptist Church.  Mike has demonstrated many times and in numerous ways his committment to God and country.  He is a strong advocate of conservative and Biblical views.  God Bless him in this journey of faith.”  Rev. Bob Green, Retired Senior Pastor Arrow Heights Baptist Church

 “Dr. Ritze I am glad you have decided to run for the House seat being vacated by Ron Peterson.  It is encouraging to me to see those who aren’t “politicians” running for public office.  Much needs to fixed to get our local, state, and national government back on track.  I wish you well in your campaign.”  Carolyn Kusler, Former Wagoner County Clerk

 “Our government and politicians seem to have forgotten who they work for and what they are supposed to do.  It’s time to get a strong representation in our OK State Legislature.  I’ve known Dr. Mike Ritze for over 30 years and know without a doubt he holds the values of Oklahomans at heart.  He is not afraid to step up and take action.  We need to make our vote count and elect Dr. Ritze.” Robert B. Willis, D.D.S.

 “Our family and the Ritze family have been close friends for nearly 30 years.  I know Mike to be impeccably honest, hardworking, generous, and totally dedicated to limited constitutional government.  Mike will serve District 80 well in the Oklahoma Legislature!”  John Eidsmoe, J.D. and former Tulsa County Republican Party State Committeeman…presently Constitutional Law Professor and Legal Counsel to the Alabama Supreme Court

 “We wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Mike Ritze for the OK State House of Representatives District 80.”  The Tulsa Area, Oklahoma and the National Federation of Republcan Assemblies

 “I trusted Dr. Mike Ritze to deliver our children and I trust him to be our OK State Representative for District 80.”  Lonni St. John, Mother and Housewife…Bixby, OK

 “As long time Broken Arrow business owners, we strongly endorse Dr. Mike Ritze for House District 80.  This is one man that you can know will keep his faith, values and promises!  We encourage our friends, family and fellow business owners to support Dr. Ritze.”   Steve and Phyllis Boyle, Business Owners

 “It is with great pleasure that we endorse a fine patriotic Oklahoman and American in Dr. Mike Ritze.  He will serve the citizens of House District 80 with distinction and dedication.”  OK Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC)

 “Dr. Mike Ritze has supported the efforts of the Broken Arrow Fire Fighters for over 30 years.  He has worked as a volunteer to develop our first fully accredited EMT-Paramedic programs for our city.  We wholeheartedly endorse him to be the next OK House Dist. 80 Representative.”  Broken Arrow International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)

 “I am proud to have known Mike Ritze for almost 30 years. He is a rock solid conservative who is committed to the values that have made our country great. The Oklahoma House of Representatives desperately needs a person with the character, commitment and common sense that Mike will bring to the office. He would be a tremendous asset both to the state and the people of House District 80.” Donald P. Wilson, CEO, Labor Relations Institute, Inc.

“It is a pleasure to endorse Dr. Mike Ritze for State Representative of District 80.  We have known him for over 20 years as a man first and foremost a dedicated Christian and to his wife and family.  Also as a farmer/rancher Mike is a great friend to agriculture.”  Tom and Phyllis Holcomb, H & H Cattle Company…Kellyville, OK


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